• Empire State Building

    The Empire State Building is the pride of New York City and is an internationally recognized architectural icon. Beginning in 1976, the Empire State Building’s tower lights have changed color to recognize various occasions and organizations throughout the year.

    In 2012, the Empire State Building was outfitted with a new LED lighting system. Tactical Manoeuvre had the honor of creating the first ever light-to-music show on the building, and has created every major lighting on the building since.

    Since 2021 TactMan has served as the in-house theatrical/architectural lighting and lighting controls designer for the Tower Lights, Lighting Ceremonies, and ESB Observatory and Exhibits.

  • Vulcan Statue

    Birmingham, Alabama’s Vulcan statue is the the largest cast-iron statue in the world. As part of the Kiwanis Club of Birmingham’s $5.8 million dollar renovation of Vulcan Park, the Vulcan statue was outfitted with a new LED lighting system. Utilizing this system, Tactical Manoeuvre’s light-to-music shows at the park sparked a 64% increase in foot traffic from 2017 to 2018. TactMan’s proprietary lighting scheduler software allows park personnel to easily schedule lighting events, while our patented Spark Sync app debuted for Vulcan’s 2018 holiday light-to-music shows, allowing the patients at Children’s Hospital of Birmingham to hear the music for the light shows that they were viewing out of their hospital room windows each night.

  • Kosciuszko Bridge

    In celebration of the first new bridge to open in New York City in over 50 years, Tactical Manoeuvre was commissioned by the NYDOT and the offices of Governor Andrew Cuomo to create dedicatory events for each span’s opening. Light-to-music shows for both the 2017 and 2019 openings combined the bridge’s integrated architectural lighting systems with event lighting and control, painting a breathtaking spectacle on the New York City skyline. In 2019, viewers watching the lights at a distance were able to enjoy the show’s music latency-free, utilizing TactMan’s patented Spark Sync app.

  • 250 West 57th St

    For Empire State Realty Trust’s renovation of their property at 250 W. 57th St. in Manhattan, CEO Anthony Malkin commissioned Tactical Manoeuvre to create a digital fine art installation. Displayed on a 75′ long and 8′ wide LED ceiling, the video art generatively re-creates itself using data such as real-time weather, trending news and social media posts.