Empire State Building – Bringing Light to a Dark Time

In another powerful collaboration with the Empire State Building, Tactical Manoeuvre has lit up New York’s skyline with an awe-inspiring tribute to the heroes on the front lines of the COVID-19 fight. Pulsing throughout the night in a red heartbeat, coupled with a red and white emergency beacon, ESB and TactMan acknowledge New York City’s and the world’s fight against the pandemic.

Media outlets throughout the United States have taken notice of the gesture, some with humor and others with solemn pathos. We even landed a Snopes article!

Here are a few of our favorite mentions:

 “Intense, beautiful, poignant”

“Standing tall. Empire State Building lit up like an ambulance siren to honor emergency medical workers. “Heart of America” lights will shine every night until this battle is won.”

In addition to the heartbeat and beacon, Tactical Manoeuvre’s iconic inaugural light-to-music show, set to Alicia Keys’ Empire State Of Mind, is playing nightly on the building and on iHeart station Z100, celebrating New York’s Everyday Heroes.

Read a few more of our many mentions here: 



And watch the full light-to-music show here (music begins at 6:25):

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