Commercial Observer – 250 West 57th St 76-Foot Video Ceiling

Commercial Observer highlighted TactMan’s generative artwork in this article from 2017. Tactical Manouevre’s team developed several pieces of “fine digital art” for the installation. TactMan artist Lindsay Scoggins’ work dominates the artwork in installation. Her video art pieces have been shown in the Guggenheim Museum, and have a massive following on YouTube. Here are some highlights from the article:

Every morning, the screen will start showing a sunrise across its length for two hours and weather in real time, then it moves into a variety of other timed segments. The next is news, which is scraped from news websites and flows on the screen with an abstract background. This section is followed by one called “morphing the present,” in which pictures of people—celebrities and public figures—are blended and blurred, providing glimpses of those individuals.

Next is “sea of cities,” which looks like stain-glass windows where the images (taken from scenes in the five boroughs pulled from social media) move up and down, a little like the waves of an ocean. (Individually, the images are abstracted and made unrecognizable.) This is followed by a sunset with a variety of colors—think, Aurora Borealis. All of the 1s and 0s coding for the images is posted in the next segment called “source code.” And, finally, there is “a questionable time,” which features black holes and planets at the end of the day.

Commercial Observer – Liam La Guerre
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