Lights in the Sky – Riyadh Light Art Festival - Record-breaking drone show

In November 2022 marc brickman and Tactical Manoeuvre took on a new challenge – choreographing and lighting 2000 drones as an aerial sculpture for the Noor Riyadh Light Art Festival.

Two artworks played in rotation between November 3-19, 2022.

order of chaos : chaos in order references swarms and murmurations in nature, the dichotomies of cohesion and repulsion. Set to an original score by Heavy Young Heathens, this groundbreaking aerial light-art won a Guinness World Record!

K A L E I D O S C O P E explores people’s desire to assert control over their environments. Combining airborne patterns and colors, viewers could respond to the drone swarm on their hand-held devices.

Both artworks implemented TactMan’s proprietary Spark-Sync web app, enabling show viewers to receive synchronous audio from anywhere in the city. Spark-Sync also served as the platform for audience response to the K A L E I D O S C O P E installation.

Featured in Forbes, The National News, Arab News and many other publications, these installations redefined what drone shows can be. In marc’s words: “We’ve all seen drone shows…Normally they’re ships moving through the sky, or they’re butterflies or politicians or flags. I like to create things that really draw people together in real life, and not to be experienced on a TV screen first or, or your phone. So, it’s really it’s about large-scale artworks.”

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