Live Design Online – 250 West 57th Street Lobby wins “Excellence in Installation” Award

Live Design featured one of our permanent video art installations after presenting the 250 West 57th Street Lobby the “Excellence in Installation” award in this article from 2018. Here are some highlights:

The massive screen creates generative, customizable images composed by legendary lighting artist Marc Brickman and award-winning video artist Lindsay Scoggins. The truly immersive experience evolves over a 24-hour cycle and is comprised of abstract art, live news feeds, galaxy depictions, and extreme weather. The technology ensures that the same image will never reveal itself more than once.

The uniqueness of the screen comes from behind-the-scenes algorithms that provide information in real time. Online sources, such as weather, hashtags, and trending topics, allow the video artwork to adjust daily. As this input changes daily, the look of the video artwork will reflect those changes.

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