The DLC Drop Podcast interviews TactMan’s marc brickman

Our good friend John Davidson, a major figure in the eSports community and chairman of the eSports Trade Association recently interviewed TactMan’s own marc brickman for The DLC Drop Podcast. Their conversation lasted nearly an hour and covers a ton of ground! Topics include:

7:55 – Marc’s Big Break 

11:10 – 1972 – Meeting and working with Bruce Springsteen 

16:12 – The beginning of working with Pink Floyd 

18:35 – Comparing the thrills of success and addressing doubt and the power of someone saying, “Yes.”

21:11 – The value of forcing or not forcing things to happen and recognizing opportunity

23:50 – The importance of the overall team and perceived success of people

29:30 – The 1992 Olympics and opening ceremony 

32:40 – Creating the innovation and introduction of first tracking camera

33:40 – The merits of allowing for spontaneity versus practice and preparation. 

37:44 – Shift from concerts to events in scope and scale, and entertainment production in pandemic era

49:50 – The future, what’s next….

Check out the full video of this insightful interview below!

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