Untamed Savagery – Interview with Marc Brickman - LIGHT TALK Episode 144

The Lumen Brothers recently interviewed marc brickman for their LIGHT TALK podcast.

Join David, marc, Stan, and  Steve as they pontificate about: Designing in the moments; The theatrical nature of marc’s designs; Bruce Springsteen and how to be spontaneous; Wild Syncs; Lighting without time-code; David Byrne and the artistic connection; Jazz and staying in the groove; How technology affected Marc’s design career; Moving lights in X,Y,Z axis; Watching the laser table burn; “Look at the Fader”…  Some of the most effective lighting moments come from mistakes; Keeping your eyes open for opportunity; Rediscovering the mystery; The myth of big LED screens; Managing expectations; Who is afraid of the dark?; The negative space between the light; “Once Upon a Dream”; Landing the Pink Floyd “The Wall” gig; Using Telescans as overhead projectors; The iconic giant Division Bell Tour mirror ball; marc’s personal night club below the Floyd mixing desk; marc’s battle with his neighbors; Present artistic projects; Tactical Manoeuvre; the Empire State Building installation; The brilliant Genesis “The Way We Walk Tour” design; The Golden Age of Rock n’ Roll Design; and Yoda Advice to students of lighting design. 

Listen to the full podcast here: http://lighttalk.libsyn.com/light-talk-episode-144-untamed-savagery-interview-with-mark-brickman

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